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Sophia's Birth Story

I wasn't very active in this community because I found it right before I went into labor at 38 weeks. But I figured I would share the birth story of my daughter, Sophia, who was born August 26, 2011 and was 6lbs. 5oz. and 18 inches long just in case someone might like to read it.

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Name/LJ name: Jess/duckiemommy

Age: 21

Number of other children (if any) ages: I have a 14 month old little girl, and currently pregnant with number 2 at 8 1/2 weeks.

Other Birth Experiences: I had a completely natural birth in a hospital with my first after 30 hours of 'tolerable' contractions and 6 hours at the hospital in labor. I got to birth in whatever position i wanted, she was crowned laying on my side in the fetal position (almost without effort, just small slow pushes as i felt them) and then because it was most comfortable for me, my mother and my doula held my legs with me and in two pushes we had a beautiful little girl. She was immediately laid on my chest and latched without too much difficulty.

What you would like to learn from this community: I'm a bit nervous with the second pregnancy because as bad as this will sound, i know how much pain i was in the first time and i'm fearful that i will break without the support seeing as the SO's entire family is pro drugs and is begging that i just 'get drugged and have them pull that baby out'. I also enjoy sharing my birthing story to show that even if in a hospital your birthing experience can be as you want, regardless of the rumors you hear

A little about you: I'm a stay at home mom and live in South Carolina with my SO, Alan. I am currently pregnant with baby C and plan on getting married in the next year as well.


Name/LJ name: Jenn/ jennberry

Age: 29

Number of other children (if any), ages: none

Other birth experiences: none

What you would like to learn from this community: I'm looking to gather positive hospital birth stories and techniques because many people I talk to don't seem to think it's possible. I want to be empowered by giving birth to my daughter, not a passive participant.

A little about you: My husband and I got married in 2010 on our 7 year anniversary. We live in San Diego, CA. Shortly after our honeymoon we started trying to conceive and four months later we got a positive result. I am excited yet nervous for the arrival of our daughter, Sophia, who is expected to make her grand entrance around Sept. 6.

Hypnobabies Round 2!

When I was pregnant with Junior, I discovered Hypnobabies.  I did not study the course like I should have, I only listened to the tracks.  My birth STILL went so much better then the birth with my our two children.  I progressed to 7 CM before giving in and getting an epi.  My plan this time around is to go the whole way naturally!  I am so excited for it, and yet, I am nervous.  It took me 55 hours of laboring at home to get to 7 CM so it was a very very long road. 

I am excited to be a member of this new community, and like minded people :) 

Fear of Childbirth Survey

Hi ladies,

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) are currently conducting a study on FEAR OF CHILDBIRTH.

We are looking for pregnant women to complete a short questionnaire about their preferences, thoughts, fears, and anxieties about childbirth.

For more information or to take the quick 15-min online survey click here:

For more information on research at the Mother-Infant Wellness Lab:

Thank you very much for your participation!

** I apologize for any cross-posts... we are trying to reach as many women as possible! Thanks! **

Hypnobabies VS Epidural...

I'm thinking of doing hypnobabies for my birth, and as a last resort I will opt to have an epidural. Has anyone tried hypnobabies before? How was it? I'm interested in reading your birth stories if possible.
Also, if you used hypnobabies, did you just order the kit yourself, or did you enroll in classes with an instructor? Is it possible to combine the two???

Hi ;)

I just found out about this community and I'm so glad it exists!!!

Name/LJ name: Nancy (lj maryann_lavoie)
Age: 26
Number of other children (if any), ages: Thomas, 17 months old
Other birth experiences: Thomas was born naturally, using the Bonapace Method, in the hospital. Only "non natural" thing that happened were that they broke my water when I arrived at the hospital (It seems to be "procedure" and I did not really have an opinion on it at the time) and I did receive IV fluids at the end of labor, right before pushing. Birth story for Thomas was originally posted on the naturalbirth community here
What you would like to learn from this community: I just found out this community exists. I follow the natural birth community a lot, but it's mostly focused on homebirths and midwives, which don't really apply to my situation. I would love to hear other stories, from people who've managed to have a good natural med-free labor in the hospital with a doctor.
A little about you: I'm currently 31 weeks pregant with our second child, Alexia. She's expected early December. I'm married to my first love. I'm a home care nurse, currently on leave while I wait for this baby to get here :) And I live in Quebec, near Montreal, in Canada.


Has ANYONE had a good/excellent birth experience (from beginning to end) at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA?

I am in serious need of some feedback.

Great News!

Hey everyone planning a hospital birth! I just got some great info and news today. As you may or may not know, I'm a doula. However, I just got a form with codes for billing insurance agencies! This means that those of you who want that extra support, but may not be able to afford the full fees may have an avenue! CAPPA Doulas should have received this form today, and DONA shouldn't be far behind.

Overdue: A Great Resource for Mamas

I just posted a new blog entry on my Doula website that I wanted to share here, since this is someone many women birthing in a hospital will face. Here ya go!

Are you worried about going past the magical 40 weeks? It is actually very common for a woman to go past this mark, especially a first time mother. Why is this? Mainly because every woman's fertility cycle is different. When a woman's due date is calculated it is usually based off of U/S measurements (Which are notoriously unreliable) or off of your last menstrual period. Unfortunately using the LMP practitioners assume that the woman ovulated 14 days after the start of her period. This, unfortunately, is not the case for every woman as some ovulate on day 10, and some on day 20, and there are those with 40 days cycled who may ovulate on 35 days.

A further issue to cloud the fact of our 'due dates' is that 40 weeks was an average calculated by a doctor. He took a small sampling of women and based on their date of delivery found the 'average' to be at 40 weeks. Now if anyone knows anything about averages it is that in a wide sampling there are varieties of normal that go above or below the mark. This is true with pregnancy too. Plus when we reach 40 weeks, we have no actually completed our 40th week. We have completed our 39th week and still have 7 days to complete our 40th week. This means that if we're induced when we reach 39 weeks we are in essence only 38 weeks of being gestated.

Now why am I rambling on about all these lovely facts? Because there is a great website that I was just referred too by a friend who is a midwife. It is aimed at those wanting a home birth, but is useful for anyone wishing to educate themselves on 'post dates' pregnancy. Go check it out here: http://www.homebirth.org.uk/overdue.htm