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Hi ;)

I just found out about this community and I'm so glad it exists!!!

Name/LJ name: Nancy (lj maryann_lavoie)
Age: 26
Number of other children (if any), ages: Thomas, 17 months old
Other birth experiences: Thomas was born naturally, using the Bonapace Method, in the hospital. Only "non natural" thing that happened were that they broke my water when I arrived at the hospital (It seems to be "procedure" and I did not really have an opinion on it at the time) and I did receive IV fluids at the end of labor, right before pushing. Birth story for Thomas was originally posted on the naturalbirth community here
What you would like to learn from this community: I just found out this community exists. I follow the natural birth community a lot, but it's mostly focused on homebirths and midwives, which don't really apply to my situation. I would love to hear other stories, from people who've managed to have a good natural med-free labor in the hospital with a doctor.
A little about you: I'm currently 31 weeks pregant with our second child, Alexia. She's expected early December. I'm married to my first love. I'm a home care nurse, currently on leave while I wait for this baby to get here :) And I live in Quebec, near Montreal, in Canada.


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Oct. 5th, 2010 07:07 am (UTC)
Hi! Welcome!

I posted my birth story here:

The only interventions I had in the hospital were sporadic use of an external fetal monitor and an oxygen mask (pushing more O2 to me and thus the baby when his heart rate started falling).

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