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Name/LJ name: Jess/duckiemommy

Age: 21

Number of other children (if any) ages: I have a 14 month old little girl, and currently pregnant with number 2 at 8 1/2 weeks.

Other Birth Experiences: I had a completely natural birth in a hospital with my first after 30 hours of 'tolerable' contractions and 6 hours at the hospital in labor. I got to birth in whatever position i wanted, she was crowned laying on my side in the fetal position (almost without effort, just small slow pushes as i felt them) and then because it was most comfortable for me, my mother and my doula held my legs with me and in two pushes we had a beautiful little girl. She was immediately laid on my chest and latched without too much difficulty.

What you would like to learn from this community: I'm a bit nervous with the second pregnancy because as bad as this will sound, i know how much pain i was in the first time and i'm fearful that i will break without the support seeing as the SO's entire family is pro drugs and is begging that i just 'get drugged and have them pull that baby out'. I also enjoy sharing my birthing story to show that even if in a hospital your birthing experience can be as you want, regardless of the rumors you hear

A little about you: I'm a stay at home mom and live in South Carolina with my SO, Alan. I am currently pregnant with baby C and plan on getting married in the next year as well.